commercial building

Maximize Deductions for Business Real Estate

Currently, a valuable income tax deduction related to real estate is for depreciation, but the depreciation period for such property is long and land itself isn’t depreciable. Whether real estate is occupied by your business or rented out, here’s how you can maximize your deductions. Segregate personal property from buildings Generally, buildings and improvements to […]

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red ribbon gift

Give to Loved Ones Before Year End

As the holiday season quickly approaches, gift giving will be top of mind. While gifts of electronics, toys and clothes are nice, making tax-free gifts of cash using your annual exclusion is beneficial for both you and your family. Even in a potentially changing estate tax environment, making annual exclusion gifts before year end can […]

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Taxing Cryptocurrencies

One of the newest frontiers for both individual and institutional investors is the cryptocurrency market. Exemplified by the rapidly growing Bitcoin (BTC), these “currencies” (more on that, later) are intangible digital assets that are designed to provide a secure and anonymous medium of wealth exchange that is fully decentralized from any sort of governmental authority […]

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