Smiling businesswoman doing calculations at a table

Finding a Bookkeeper for Your Nonprofit

Looking for the perfect bookkeeper is something like looking for an ideal mate. You’ll want to think hard about your organization’s needs before you start searching for, and commit to, the person who’ll handle your day-to-day accounting functions. Define the role Before advertising the position, define the role. Crafting a detailed job description that outlines […]

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family members disagreeing over family trust

Total Return Unitrust Can Help Maintain Family Harmony

A traditional trust can sometimes create a conflict between the lifetime and remainder beneficiaries. For example, investment strategies that provide growth that benefits remainder beneficiaries can leave lifetime beneficiaries with little or no annual payouts. This makes it more difficult for your estate plan to achieve your objectives and places your trustee in a difficult […]

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“Creative” Accounting – Warning Signs of Earnings “Spin”

Management wants to paint the rosiest possible picture of a company’s financial performance and may look to “creative” accounting. But aggressive earnings management, or “spin,” can mislead investors and lenders. Here are some ways U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) can be manipulated to obscure the truth. Creative accounting vs. cooking the books Earnings management […]

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