DWC Fastm Your Financial Accounting Services TeamYour Financial Accounting Services Team

DWCFAST®is a cloud-based collaborative accounting
package for small businesses that automates the way you
handle accounting tasks. Powered by Bill.com and Cloud9,

FAST® allows you to work smarter, faster, and safer.

DWC FAST Accounting

DWC FAST Payables

Secure File Transfer


Be a Paperless CEO
Be a paperless CEO
Work smarter
• Receive and pay bills online
• Manage and control your cash flow
• Reconcile with your bank accounts
• Sync with accounting software
• Ease of collaboration online with us, your vendors and customers

Work faster

• Automation expedites your payables and bill management
• Pay and approve bills anytime, anywhere – even via your
smart phone and tablet

Work safer

• Store/share financial documents online
• Set up internal access and controls for users
• Receive added fraud protection
• Provides automated audit trails and transaction history

 Watch & Learn More about BIll.com
Watch and Learn More
about Bill.com
Have Unlimited Access
Have unlimited access
 Cloud9 Real Time
Access QuickBooks anywhere
• Use Mac/PC, iPad/tablets and smartphones
• High security
• Create unlimited company files with a single sign-on
• Work simultaneously on the same company file with your accountant or staff in different locations

Additional convenient services
with no cost to you

• Application hosting
• Microsoft Word and Excel (2010)
• Foxit PDF Reader/Writer
• Automatic nightly back ups
• Sync with Bill.com, SmartVault, SpringAhead, and QB POS

Watch and Learn More about Cloud9
Watch and Learn More
about Cloud9 
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Take a vacation…
Dalby, Wendland & Co., P.C.’s internal accounting team uses DWCFAST® for our own accounts payable and QuickBooks cloud-host services. The partnership we have forged with our service providers allows us to pass significant savings on to you.

Please give us a call for a one-on-one consultation to learn how DWCFAST® can support your business by saving you time and money.

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